SRC DAY 7th July 2016

11.08.2016 | REA and the EC organized on 7th July a dedicated Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) day in Brussels. All partners of the selected proposals for funding under the COMPET-3-2016 and COMPET-4-2016 calls, were invited by REA, together with EPIC and PERASPERA SRC Program Support Activities (PSAs) for a working day meeting to kick off the Grant Agreement ... Read more »

11th European Space Power Conference ESPC 2016

09.08.2016 | The 11th European Space Power Conference will be held in Greece from October 3-7, 2016. ( In the ESPC 2016 will be a dedicated Round Table on “Cost reduction for PPU’s in Electric Propulsion”. Monday 3rd October (16:00-18:00) EPIC PSA will participate in this Round Table with a dedicated presentation on PPU issues in the ... Read more »

H2020 Electric propulsion article on DLR Countdown newsletter

08.08.2016 | DLR EPIC PSA colleagues: Lisa Martín Pérez and Marc Jochemich, published an Electric Propulsion dissemination article on the DLR Countdown newsletter nº 32 issued on 01/06/2016 about the Electric Propulsion and the Horizon 2020 EU funds promising space technologies. Don´t miss it! You can read the full article in the following link: Countdown_Horizon 2020 EPIC ... Read more »

Collaboration Agreement Annex1 – Declaration of Accession in Word version

figure 08.07.2016 | As stated in the COMPET-3-2016 Call text, all partners of the Operational Grants and the partners of the PSA EPIC will have to agree and sign a Collaboration Agreement in order to ensure that results of the individual projects can be used to achieve the overall SRC objectives. A template for such a Collaboration Agreement ... Read more »

All Electric Propulsion Satellite ELECTRA contract signature

artistic image 05.04.2016 | ELECTRA contract signature took place on 11 March 2016 at SES premises in Luxembourg with the presence of representatives of SES Astra, OHB Systems, ESA and some ESA Member States. ESA’s partnership with satellite operator SES will bring a new generation of small European telecommunications satellites that are propelled by electric thrusters, with a first ... Read more »

EC publishes the number of submitted proposals for the COMPET-3-2016 topics of the Horizon 2020 SRC on Electric Propulsion

Picture 14.03.2016 | The COMPET-3-2016 Call of the SRC on Electric propulsion has been closed on the 3 March 2016. The EC has already published the number of proposals submitted for the 2016 Space Call and its different topics, including COMPET-3-2016, in the Participants Portal. For COMPET-3-2016-a (Incremental Technologies), with an indicative budget of 18 M€, 3 proposals ... Read more »

COMPET-3-2016 Video Briefing for Applicants and Evaluators

video button 23.02.2016 | This video has been created by EPIC PSA as a briefing for the evaluators and applicants. The objective of this video is to introduce to the H2020 Strategic Research Cluster on “In-Space electrical propulsion and station keeping” and serve as a briefing for potential evaluators and applicants for the H2020 COMPET-3-2016 topics of the H2020 ... Read more »

Airbus and Thales plan ordering satellite electric thrusters from Snecma

Picture of HET thruster 01.02.2016 | The French company expects to sell 35 plasma-electric satellite propulsion units per year over the next decade following an agreement with Europe’s two largest satellite prime contractors on the use of Electric Propulsion. CNES has used a public bond fund to help finance the development of the Snecma´s HET thruster, and complementary, the European Space ... Read more »

Eutelsat Does the Math on Reducing Future Satellite Costs

Graphic of way to satellite cost reduction 15.12.2015 | All-electric propulsion systems like the one on Eutelsat 115 West B, reduces a satellite’s launch weight by 40 percent or more but delays its arrival in geostationary orbit by months. Eutelsat plans to reduce the cost of its future satellites by some 20 percent initially, with more savings to come, as it seeks to adapt ... Read more »

IEPC News: The 35th IEPC will be held in Atlanta

Picture announcing the IEPC 2017 01.12.2015 | The 35th International Electric Propulsion Conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from October 8-12, 2017. Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA Date: October 8-12, 2017 Mitchell Walker (Chair) / Georgia Institute of Technology Vadim Khayms (Co-Chair) / Lockheed Martin Rostislav Spector (Technical Chair) / Aerospace Corporation For further 35th IEPC news, announcements and abstract submission details, ... Read more »