• Picture showing satellite deployment

    EUTELSAT 172B, the first European all electric propulsion telecom satellite is on his way to GEO

    16.06.2017 | The EUTELSAT 172B satellite of Eutelsat Communications was successfully launched into space on 2nd of June by an Ariane 5 from Kourou. This is a great milestone for Europe and its space Electric Propulsion community. EUTELSAT 172B is the first European all-electric Telecom satellite. After the launch, EUTELSAT 172B satellite has entered a new phase ... Read more »

    09.05.2017 | The EPIC PSA is pleased to announce that the EPIC Workshop 2017 on the EPIC and Space Electric Propulsion SRC H2020 activities will be held in Madrid at CDTI premises during 24-25 October 2017. The online registration will be open in due time on the EPIC webpage at the following link: http://epic-src.eu/workshop2017/, were all details, ... Read more »
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    09.05.2017 | The EPIC PSA is pleased to announce that the EPIC Lecture Series 2017 on Space Electric Propulsion will be held in Madrid at CDTI premises during 26 October 2017. The EPIC Lecture Series is a recurrent educational activity of the EPIC PSA under the Electric Propulsion SRC Horizon 2020. The online registration will be open in due time ... Read more »
  • IPAIA 2017 Workshop

    25.01.2017 | IPAIA 2017 Workshop: Ion Propulsion and Accelerator Industrial Applications / Bari (Italy), March 1-3, 2017 The Ion Propulsion and Accelerator Industrial Applications workshop will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion on the progress in methods and technologies used for the research, development and industrial applications of ion propulsion (IP) for satellite and spacecraft. ... Read more »
  • IEPC2017 – Abstract Submission Now Open!

    12.10.2016 | Abstract submission is now open for the 35th International Electric Propulsion Conference (IEPC) that will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA at the Georgia Hotel and Conference Center, from October 8 (Sun.) to 12 (Thurs.), 2017.  Please visit http://www.iepc2017.org Abstract Deadline:  December 16, 2016   EPIC PSA plans to present an article in the IEPC-2017 ... Read more »

Welcome to the EPIC website

The European Commission has funded, as part of the Horizon 2020 Space Work Programme 2014, a Programme Support Activity (PSA) for the implementation of a Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) on “In-Space electrical propulsion and station keeping”.

The “Electric Propulsion Innovation & Competitiveness” (EPIC) is the PSA project for the Electric Propulsion SRC.

Electric propulsion has been identified by European actors as a strategic technology for improving the European competitiveness in different space areas such as in-space operations and transportation. The European Commission has set up the “In-space Electrical Propulsion and Station-Keeping” Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) in Horizon 2020 with the goal of enabling major advances in Electric Propulsion for in-space operations and transportation, in order to contribute to guarantee the leadership of European capabilities in electric propulsion at world level within the 2020-2030 timeframe, always in coherence with the existing and planned developments at national, commercial and ESA level.

The SRC set-up was initiated in the 2014 H2020 Space Work Programme (COMPET-3-2014) with the funding of the EPIC PSA, which has the mandate to, mainly, design the SRC, monitor its evolution and support the Commission on its implementation.

Project Title: Electric Propulsion Innovation & Competitiveness
Grant Number: 640199
Subprogramme: COMPET-03-2014 – In-Space electrical propulsion and station keeping
Call for Proposal: H2020-COMPET-2014 – Competitiveness of the European Space Sector: Technology and Science
Funding Scheme: Coordination and Support Action (CSA)
Duration: 5 years
Start Date: 1 October 2014
Coordinated by: European Space Agency (ESA)
Project Partners:
  • Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI)
  • Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI)
  • Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES)
  • Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
  • Eurospace
  • SME4Space VZW
  • Service Public Federal de Programmation Politique Scientifique (BELSPO)
  • UK Space Agency (UKSA)